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Eppi Eventi Presentation

Events & Exhibitions

The organisation of an event is one of the fundamental tools of marketing and...

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Gadgets & Promotions

The field of giftware and promotional items are the true supports of the...

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Advertising is one of the techniques of mass communication that companies...

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Visual communication makes it possible to achieve the maximum communicative effect in the most...

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Why Eppi Events & Promotions

Everything in EPPI starts with ideas

Why Eppi Events & Promotions

Eppi Eventi & Promozioni, was born from important experiences and people from the operational and planning fields of marketing, communication, design and new technologies.

This heritage generates ever new ideas and solutions, shaping what the customer wants: this is EPPI's real goal, its mission.

Everything at EPPI begins with ideas, linked to the customer's needs, is realised with actions and improves with experiences.

EPPI is an innovative and dynamic point of reference for the conception and realisation of institutional events, conventions and exhibitions, for the creation of integrated communication projects, for the promotion and sponsorship of events and activities, and for the realisation of traditional and digital graphic projects.

In the Rome office, where it was founded and continues to operate, works a proven team of professionals who, in a synergic manner, take care of client relations, organisation, creativity, design, and development, always keeping a high tension on emerging trends and the ever more captivating challenges of the market.

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