Eppi Eventi creates websites for SMEs and large companies. You can choose between integrated platforms or with open-source CMS. Each of our customers becomes a website owner!

Graphics are fundamental in the realisation of our sites: modern, usable and responsive. We create content that adapts to the device on which it is viewed. Our websites support all languages spoken today.

We have set up a series of quality checks that each site must pass before going online: compatibility, functionality and usability. Eppi Eventi guarantees you a website that will work flawlessly on most browsers, devices and operating systems.

Moreover, in our websites every page, content, image is prepared to be shared on social networks.
Eppi Eventi does not leave you alone
! You will have all theHelp Desk assistance you need. A video-recorded session will train you in the management of your new site. It will be customised to your needs and your company employees will also be able to use it.

E-commerce Sites

E-commerce Sites

Eppi Eventi has been working for years in the world of e-commerce, building e-Commerce sites on the most stable and secure platforms, implementing bank transaction systems, promoting products and managing Taylor-made advertising campaigns.

We use platforms that use state-of-the-art Cloud Server systems, so that our websites can cope with sudden changes in traffic and maintain a fast response.

Eppi Eventi can perform any integration or customisation. We can therefore deliver your e-Commerce 'turnkey': configured and ready for sales! We design and assemble the graphics, configure modules and options of your choice, integrate the e-Commerce with the banking gateway for payments, insert your products and test each process. All this before delivery!

Our engineers use the Italian Cuborio platform, which is one of the most advanced.

We take great care of the design. We represent your brand with character, achieving a strong impact, either with predefined templates (created by our graphic designers), or with designs that have been created especially for you.

We ensure that your store always stays open: whatever the traffic load or number of visitors, there can be no drop in efficiency. In addition, we have secure backup systems that insure you against accidental data loss.

Eppi Eventi carries out studies to understand how users close to your target customers behave: based on the results, we modify the design of your site.

Gadget Web Shop

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